“Business telephony that grows with us.”

Mrs Wildschut is the owner of a starting general practice in a growing city. In her practice there are two general practitioners, two assistants and a practice-supporter. As a new company in a new building, Mrs Wildschut was looking for a fixed telephony provider with which she could quickly start up. ZPEAK’s business telephony with the Klein MKB subscription turned out to be the solution.

“Business telephony that grows with us.”

M. Wildschut

Ideal for any type of organisation

Whether you are a start-up, SME, association or healthcare organization, there is always a suitable package.


Accessibility is very important for a general practice. Whether it is to make appointments, deal with emergencies or communicate with each other. Wildschut: “We are a relatively small but growing practice. I want us to be accessible at all times, even if that means that we have a short waiting time. It is easy if that is easy to set up and change. We also needed a package that is easy to expand with more telephones. ZPEAK gives us the possibilities to do that. Every employee now has the phone that suits him or her, from reception phone to separate handset. In the future, people will be able to add to that. ZPEAK grows with us.

Super fast and easy
set up

No complicated set up, just plug it in and you can make unlimited calls!

Sight on the costs

Wildschut feared in advance that he would lose a lot of time on a telephone subscription and additional costs, precisely because not many telephones were needed. “We are a small practice and do not want to spend too much time on complicated administration in terms of call charges. What I have seen with other providers is that we would be dependent on a switchboard, or that we would have to invest in telephones ourselves. Then we are hundreds of euros away. At ZPEAK I pay 10 euros per phone per month and I can make calls.

“No complicated administration and no need to invest in telephones.”

Simple installation

With the ZPEAK subscriptions you literally work with a plug & play. Mrs Wildschut also experienced this. “The entire process of ordering via the website was very simple. You go through everything step by step and can switch options on and off in between. If you have any questions, you can ask Monique from the customer service team. We received the order quickly at our practice and were able to install it quickly with the help of the manual”.

Good access

Mrs Wildschut’s practice has been easily accessible since the introduction of the ZPEAK subscription. “The possibilities for queuing and forwarding work perfectly. This benefits the flow of our daily activities. ZPEAK is fast, complete and affordable. On an annual basis, this saves us a lot compared to other providers”.

Easy to expand

With voicemail to e-mail, fax to e-mail, call recording and unlimited calls within Europe (after 3 months).