Fair Use Policy

ZPEAK’s Fair Use Policy covers all unlimited calling plans offered by ZPEAK. This FUP applies to all customers who use this subscription.

What does the Fair Use Policy entail?

The rules regarding unlimited use of the subscription are framed within the FUP. The FUP implies that ZPEAK reserves the right to monitor the traffic of its customers and filter excesses.

Why use a Fair Use Policy?

This FUP has been created to prevent misunderstandings. To ensure that we can offer everyone competitive rates, we must prevent and exclude excesses from others. This regulation is intended to protect our “fair” customers.

What are the boundaries?

The FUP comes into effect when you as a customer use 15% or more above the unlimited amount. ZPEAK evaluates your calling behavior at least twice a year and can adjust your subscription accordingly. We reserve the right to do this more often, if we see a reason to do so. 

What happens if you call more?

If you exceed the limits of the FUP, the subscription will not stop and you can continue to call. However, we will still charge the amount by which you have exceeded the FUP. We will also adjust the subscription and the fixed monthly amount. You will be informed of this.


The FUP is set in such a way that you stay within the boundaries of the FUP with regular calling behavior. Is your situation changing and do you think you will exceed the FUP limit? Please contact us. We will adjust your subscription so that you do not violate the FUP rules.

Which subscriptions have a Fair Use Policy?

The FUP applies to all ZPEAK subscriptions.


Do you have any questions regarding this Fair Use Policy? Do not hesitate to contact us at monique@zpeak.com or 0800 – 560 00 56. We are happy to answer your questions.

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