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Ideal for any type of organization 

Whether you are a start-up, SME, association or healthcare organization, there is always a suitable package.

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Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile numbers for the fixed price of 10 euros per device, per month.

Super fast and
easy set up 

No complicated set up, just plug it in and you can make unlimited calls!

The Z of speak

Carefree and reliable business calls!


With ZPEAK you can make unlimited calls and receive calls for only 10 euros per month per device. This is a fixed amount in subscription form. The subscription can be canceled every month and can be adjusted whenever you want. The installation costs of the devices are always low.


If you choose ZPEAK today, you can already call today. How does it work? Choose from 5 different business groups, each with its own package of options. Depending on your business group, you have access to various functions such as conference calling, hold mode with music and video calling. Then determine the number and type of telephones yourself: reception telephone, desk telephone and / or handset.


ZPEAK is suitable for every company and every enterprise, from start-up to foundation and school and from association to healthcare. When composing your subscription, number retention of your current business telephone number is possible and you can even trade in your old devices and get a 10 euro return per device!

Online Telephone Exchange

A ZPEAK telephone subscription goes further than just business landline calling and the devices. As a ZPEAK customer, you are in control of your own telephone exchange. Read more about your personal online telephone exchange here.

"Meerdere kantoren en 24/7 up and running"
M. Stefford, Alle cases
"Zakelijke telefonie die met ons mee groeit"
M. Wildschut, Alle cases
"Heerlijk, we besparen op onze vaste lasten!"
Annemariek Kroon, Alle cases

Frequently Asked Questions

This is how Zpeak works

  • How do I order a subscription?

    Fill in the form above, enter the type of company you are, how many devices you want to use, your number portability and whether you want to trade in old devices. Then click on "Order now" and choose the number and type of devices on the next page. During the ordering process you will also be asked to create your own ZPEAK account with which you can manage your own online telephone exchange.Take a look at the introduction video for the Online Telephone Exchange.

  • How does the delivery of my order work?

    Your subscription with the corresponding devices will be sent after you have placed an order and payment has been received. You will be informed about the shipment by e-mail.

  • How does the installation and set up of my order work?

    You can choose one of two options for the installation of your devices: either you choose an installation guarantee in the ordering process, this is an option that you can buy with your order which costs 95 euros, or you install it yourself by means of the manual supplied with your order.

  • I do not have an installation guarantee, but I am also unable to install my devices myself. What can I do and are there additional costs??

    Contact info@zpeak.com or call 0800-560 00 56.

  • What do I do if my device does not work (DOA) or if it breaks?

    Let us know via support.

  • How do I trade in my old devices?

    Did you choose to trade in your old devices when compiling your subscription? Then you can return it via our free freepost number [freepost number] in the packaging of your new devices. The settlement of this (10 euros per device) comes after 6 months in the form of a discount on your subscription.

  • What does my subscription consist of?

    The total price of your monthly ZPEAK subscription is all-in, in other words: including devices, the use of your online telephone exchange, your call minutes and of course all the functionalities and options included in your subscription. So there are no extra costs to use ZPEAK!

  • When is my subscription active?

    Your ZPEAK subscription is active when your order is completed.

  • What happens to my old subscription, who cancels it, what about the cancellation period and possibly double subscription costs in the event of an overlap?

    For information about canceling and switching, please contact your current provider.

  • Will I get a traditional telephone exchange again?

    No, if you have a ZPEAK subscription, you have access to an online telephone environment. Here you will find a video introduction of the Online Telephone Exchange. Where you can log in wherever and whenever you want. This can be set up entirely according to your wishes; this way you can switch functionalities on and off, add options, et cetera.

  • I have ordered a subscription and am waiting for my device(s); am I unreachable for a while?

    No, after confirming your order, your (new) telephone number is immediately active and you can therefore be reached. While your devices are on their way, your number is temporarily forwarded to your mobile number.

  • Is it possible to transfer multiple numbers to a ZPEAK subscription?

    No problem, your numbers can be taken with you. This will be asked during the ordering process.

  • Why call via ZPEAK?

    - an internal company telephone number can be linked to an IP address so that a teleworker can also be reached at home via his internal telephone number. Previously, this was only possible by forwarding the number to the home address and that involved costs;
    - the quality is better than traditional analog telephony;
    - office environments can suffice with less cabling because the computer and the telephone can be connected to one port.

Number porting and new number

  • What is number porting?

    On the Home you can choose 'Number porting or new'. Number porting means that you bring your current number(s) with you to your new ZPEAK subscription.

  • With number portability, how long does it take to transfer my current telephone number to my ZPEAK subscription?

    The transfer is arranged within 10 days after taking out your subscription. After that, your number and all its functions and options are active.

  • Can I also take out a ZPEAK subscription with a new number?

    Yes, you can indicate this on the Home when ordering your subscription under 'Number porting or new?'. You can choose the number for this later in the ordering process.

  • When choosing a new number, how long does it take to transfer my current phone number to my new number?

    This only takes 24 hours on working days. After that, your number and all its functionalities and options are active.

Make and receive calls

  • Can I make unlimited calls?

    Yes. For no less than ten euros per month per device, you can make unlimited calls to all fixed numbers and mobile throughout the Netherlands.

  • Can I also forward to mobile from my landline?

    Of course! You can set this extra option via your online telephone exchange.

  • How soon will my subscription be active?

    Very quick. If you choose to keep your number (your current number), your subscription will be active within 10 days and if you choose a new number, you will even be available on your new number within 24 hours (on working days). You will receive the telephones within 5 working days!

  • Do I pay extra to transfer to mobile?

    You can choose to forward all your incoming telephony to your mobile. This does not cost anything extra, but keep our FUP in mind. 

Calling abroad

  • How does calling abroad work at ZPEAK?

    'Unlimited calls within Europe' is an option that you can buy with any subscription for only €5,- extra per device per month.

  • What does calling abroad cost?

    For only €5,- extra per device per month you can make calls to 40 countries.

  • Which countries can I call?

    Aruba, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Suriname, Czech Republic, Turkey, Sweden & Switzerland.

  • Can I also call abroad, install my device abroad, and are there additional costs for calling then?

    The only condition for calling with ZPEAK is that you can use a good internet connection. If you want to install your device abroad and there is a reliable internet connection available there, you can still make unlimited calls and receive calls to national telephone numbers.


  • Which subscriptions are there?

    ZPEAK currently has 5 types of subscriptions: Start-Up, Foundation / Association, Small SME, School / Care Institution and Large SME.
    These can be found here.

  • How do I know which subscription I should get?

    ZPEAK has made a composition of functions, turned off unnecessary functions and made 5 useful sample subscriptions. Depending on the needs of your company, you choose the functions that suit you. If you need an extra function or perhaps fewer functions, you can easily switch them on or off via your login details. 

  • What functions are there within my subscription?

    All entrepreneurs and companies with a ZPEAK subscription have access to no fewer than 17 functions in the telephone exchange, which are on or off depending on your company. ZPEAK has created a composition of functions especially for you that are tailored to your organization, switched off unnecessary functions and made 5 useful subscriptions. Check out the plans with the functions here.

  • What extra options are there within my subscription?

    All subscriptions have access to the extra options: installation guarantee, voicemail to e-mail, fax to e-mail, call recording, welcome text, unlimited calling within Europe and selection menu.

  • What is the cancellation period of my ZPEAK subscription?

    A subscription with ZPEAK can be canceled every month.

  • What is the contract duration of my ZPEAK subscription?

    You can change and adjust your subscription. This can be done monthly and will be active within 24 hours (on working days).


  • How do I pay for my ZPEAK subscription?

    By credit card or transfer / payment with (giro or via) internet banking and always 3 months in advance.

  • Can I also pay by direct debit?

    Yes: if you choose for direct debit, invoicing will take place every 3 months (if not chosen for prepay in 1 year, resulting in a 10% discount). Before each invoice, the invoice will be sent by email to your personal login page.

  • Are there also discounts?

    Yes! When placing your order you can choose to pay one year in advance. In that case you will receive a 10% discount on your entire invoice!

  • Are the prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

    All our prices are exclusive of VAT.

Installation guarantee

  • What is installation guarantee?

    You receive your phones and you install the phone yourself with the description from the manual. Are you still unable to get out despite your best efforts? In that case you can call us and we will arrange for a technician to deliver the telephone(s) to you in working order.

Other questions?

  • Do you have any other questions?

    Do you have a question, comment or suggestion about a topic that is not listed above? No problem!  Please send a mail to monique@zpeak.nl or call 0800-560 00 56.