Functions ZPEAK

Internal & Mobile Forwarding 

Forward incoming calls to internal devices and mobile.

Internal & Mobile Forwarding

Forward incoming calls automatically to internal devices and mobile. 

Night Mode / Time Condition 

On the Online Telephone Exchange, you can set a certain (set of) action (s) to take place within these time slots, such as a day and night mode.


Callers can leave a voicemail.

Speed Dialing Numbers 

Short number combinations for telephone numbers that you use often, eg ‘1000’.

Hold Mode with music 

While you put someone on hold, they will hear a waiting music.

Group Calls

Create groups to call in a group.

Queue on screen

See how many incoming calls are on hold.

Conference by phone

Be able to participate in a conference call.

Click-to-call integration 

Calling with one click from your tablet, laptop or computer.


Make phone calls with video. Very useful for conference calls.

Extra options

Voicemail to E-mail (€2,00 p/m)

Convert voicemail messages to text and send them directly to your mailbox, for just €2,- extra per month per device.

DFax to E-mail (€2,00 p/m)

Convert fax messages to text and send them directly to your mailbox for just €2,- extra per month per device.

Call recording 30 days (€2,50 p/m)

Record phone calls.

Call recording 120 dagen (€10,00 p/m)

Record phone calls. 

Selection menu (per 5 options) (€5,00 p/m)

Transfer incoming calls efficiently to the right person or department.

Welcome message (€5,00 p/m)

A spoken message that the caller hears after calling the phone number.

Unlimited Calling within Europa (€5,00 p/m)

Unlimited calls to European numbers for only €5,- extra per month per device.

At ZPEAK we like to keep it simple. 

That makes us the provider of the new way of fixed telephony for business in the Netherlands. We offer you convenience without losing sight of quality. Fixed telephony for the fixed amount of 10 euros per connection including device. And: As a ZPEAK customer you are in charge of your own online telephone exchange!