“Multiple offices and 24/7 up and running”

Matthew Stefford (38) emigrated from Ireland to the Netherlands nine years ago to marry his current Dutch wife. Matthew herself is originally a technical business consultant and his wife is a fashion designer of children’s clothing. Five years ago they came up with the idea to start a webshop in exclusive children’s clothing, designed by unknown young designers who can join the webshop. Hip, exclusive ‘anarchistic’ children’s clothing turned out to be a gap in the market and in the meantime their webshop has grown into a large dynamic company with many employees in front of, but also behind the scenes.

“Multiple offices and 24/7 up and running”

M. Stefford

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Multiple offices and 24/7 up and running

“But we forgot one big thing,” says Matthew, “the world behind our scenes. Structure. Especially in communication.” His wife Suzanne complements him. “We actually had two big problems: the fact that we had multiple offices and the fact that we were growing very fast. Even across the border.” That’s why the duo’s company really needed a form of fixed business telephony that was suitable for a lot of internal and external communication and could be up and running 24/7 due to their international success. So they could also be reachable at night. “A while ago we heard about ZPEAK through a friend of ours. He himself is employed by a much smaller company, but he also works there with ZPEAK. We were attracted by the idea of a customised telephone subscription. Carefree, that’s what I call it.”

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No complicated set up, just plug it in and you can make unlimited calls!

“We were attracted by the idea of a customised telephone subscription. Carefree, that’s what I call it.”

Lovely taken

Matthew and Suzanne opted for the ZPEAK telephone subscription for large SMEs. This was their choice thanks to the many (extra) handy options and the high flexibility of cancelling and switching functions on and off. New graduates can, for example, apply for a full-time job as a webshop designer 24/7. This is done via e-mail or telephone and the application itself is made via video calls. “We also call a lot in groups and hold meetings with several parties at the same time. With our international field of work, it’s very handy that we can also be reached at night, voicemail is converted to e-mail and everyone can make unlimited calls throughout Europe. ZPEAK simply ensures that your product or service as an entrepreneur can remain at the forefront and you can continue to build your business. I like that.

Easy to expand

With voicemail to e-mail, fax to e-mail, call recording and unlimited calls within Europe (after 3 months).