“Lovely, we save on our fixed costs!”

Annemieke Kroon is chairman of an animal shelter in Gelderland. The shelter employs a total of fifteen people spread across various departments. These are office spaces, but also reception wards and a medical room. Because they receive a lot of phone calls but few of them call themselves, Annemieke was looking for a flexible business telephone subscription that you can adapt to your own needs.

“Lovely, we are saving on our fixed costs!”
Annemieke Kroon

Ideal for any type of organisation

Whether you are a start-up, SME, association or healthcare organization, there is always a suitable package.

Many incoming calls

Annemieke: “We noticed that we had high telephone costs, despite the fact that we call very little ourselves. As an animal shelter we receive a lot of incoming calls to report animals or to ask for information. We also call each other a lot because everyone is always everywhere and nowhere in the building. Calling outside is less common. And if we do that, we lose a lot of variable costs on top of our subscription. I had our treasurer look into cheaper options for making business calls and that’s how we ended up with ZPEAK”.

Super fast and easy
set up

No complicated set up, just plug it in and you can make unlimited calls!

Always available

“For 10 euros per month calling and being called including the phone is a real godsend for us. We now have several telephones that can easily be connected to each other. For example, behind the counter and at the office we have reception and desk equipment and for the animal caretakers we have hand sets which they can easily carry with them.

Easy to connect

“It was really easy to register at ZPEAK. During the ordering process, you can indicate on the Home page whether or not you bring your own number and how many sets you need. Within a few days we had switched and registered and had received our new devices. The installation was easy with the included manual. We did not have any problems with interference or inaccessibility during the changeover, which was essential for us!

Easy to expand

With voicemail to e-mail, fax to e-mail, call recording and unlimited calls within Europe (after 3 months).